Cubbins Cattery provides high quality cat boarding. Call us 02 4982 6963 or complete our contact form


What are the hours for drop off and pick up?

8am – 11am and 3pm – 5pm

Are you open every day?

Yes the hours are the same 7 days a week. We don’t open for pick up or drop off on x-mas day

What if my cat has its own special food, can I bring this along and does it cost any extra?

Yes you are welcome to bring along your cats special food, we have a system of pigeon holes and a refrigerator to accommodate these special meals.

What vaccinations are required for your facility?

Your cat needs to have a minimum F3 vaccination to be able to board with us, a current vaccination certificate needs to be sighted prior to us being able to accept your cat for boarding.

My cat has never been boarded before and I am concerned he/she will fret and stress while I’m away?

It has been our experience that most cats settle into our routine within 12-24 hours of their arrival. Each time they board they settle in more quickly.

Payment methods? Do I have to bring cash?

We accept cash or you can pay by eftpos, direct deposit(prior to pick up) or credit card .

I am moving interstate can you do airport transfers for my cat?

Yes we do airport drop offs and pick ups to and from Newcastle airport. You need to call us well in advance to allow us time to arrange this for you.