Cubbins Cattery provides high quality cat boarding. Call us 02 4982 6963 or complete our contact form

$17.00 per day – includes breakfast and dinner

$6 surcharge applies to public holidays only

Terms and Conditions

Animals are accepted for boarding at Nelson Bay Kennels and Cubbins Cattery subject to the following terms and conditions;

  1. All guests must have completed updated vaccinations. Dogs need to have a C5 vaccination given 5 days or greater before check in, however for best protection we recommend the intranasal Bronchi-Shield 3 vaccination given 8 days or greater before check in. Cats need to have a minimum F3 given 8 days or greater before check in.
  2. All pets will be boarded alone. Dog play time is usually communal however each dog is assessed separately to determine suitability for communal play.
  3. All male cats must be desexed.
  4. Cubbins Cattery and Nelson Bay Kennels reserves the right to refuse entry of any animal.
  5. The owner agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behaviour of the pet while it is in Cubbins Cattery and Nelson Bay Kennels care.
  6. The owner specifically represents that he or she is the sole owner of the pet, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.
  7. If veterinary attention is necessary for the pet, the owner is liable for all such expenses.
  8. The pet will be delivered to any person who is prepared to declare that they have the owners’ authority to do so, unless otherwise instructed in writing.
  9. By signing the contract conditions the owner certifies to the accuracy of all information given about the pet. The owner acknowledges that the signing of this contract shall create a lien over the animal in favour of Cubbins Cattery and Nelson Bay Kennels, which lien shall continue to exist whilst ever monies are owing pursuant to contract.
  10. Under no circumstances will Cubbins Cattery and Nelson Bay Kennels, or its employees or agents, be held responsible for complications resulting from pre-existing conditions, Paralysis Tick or Canine Influenza that may occur to any pet staying at Cubbins Cattery and Nelson Bay Kennels.
  11. Playtime – Cubbins Cattery and Nelson Bay Kennels, its staff and agents will not be liable for any problems which develop, provide reasonable care and precautions are followed, and the client hereby releases them from any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from the dog’s attendance and participation in this service.
  12. The full period booked will be charged during school holiday periods
  13. Boarding rates are charged on a daily basis.
  14. The owner agrees to pay the rate for boarding that is in effect on the date that the pet is checked into Cubbins Cattery and Nelson Bay Kennels.
  15. The owner agrees to pay all costs and charges for special services requested and all veterinary costs for the pet during the time the pet is in Cubbins Cattery and Nelson Bay Kennels care.
  16. All charges incurred by the owner will be required to be paid in full prior to departure.



Our cat gym is known Australia wide for its spaciousness and fun climbing obstacles , the cats have play time daily and are never mixed unless they are from the same human family.


Fully reverse cycled air conditioning sets us apart from our competitors. Fresh air is encouraged however in extreme conditions we are able to temperature control the facility for the comfort of our boarders.


Complete separate isolation room is available for any animal that presents with symptoms of a contagious ailment.

No extra fee for administering vet prescribed medications to the cats


Environmentally friendly, solar powered, pristine facility using recyclable cat litter (heat compressed sawdust), and recycled cans.

We use an Australian made natural cleaning product which disinfects and has an added bonus of repelling insects (including fleas).

The cat litter is also Australian made.


Trained personnel in companion animal care (TAFE Certificate III)


Full back to base security system for the absolute safety of your precious feline friends.


Our food of choice is Whiskers wet and dry food.  Ask us about special dietary requirements